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Follow your fancy.




Whimsycube: a theater company that makes imaginative work... magical, fantastical, and mundane, always with a sense of whimsy. Created December 2015.

Principles (cubes):

Performance is art.

Art is subjective.

Art isn't always entertaining.

Art is an invitation to self, life, and world reflection.

No hang ups on styles or genres



Gavin Whitt- actor, writer, performer and creator of all things Whimsy. BA in theater Temple University. MA in Acting, East 15 Acting School. 



In The Cube


We rocked your world with Churn!

Now that the grief and pain has subsided, let love lead the way. Yes! love is here my friend. We want to drown you in it.

Got questions? Have something to say? Or simply feeling whimsy? Hit us up below or at info@whimsycube,com