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Time heals all wounds, but Shane’s healing might take a millennium. Memories, emotions, and imaginary friends collide as Shane deals with the death of his younger sister and searches for a path of forgiveness for her murderer. Storytelling and imagination melts together in this daring new solo piece.  With the help of his imaginary friend, Octozalafagus, Shane gives life to his thoughts and feelings. Churn explores Shane’s emotional journey. A journey that is heartwarming, surreal, and sometimes absurd.

Churn Ed Fringe
Churn Edinburgh Fringe
Churn Edinburgh Fringe
Churn Edinburgh Fringe
Churn Mary Clue Cow
Churn Edinburgh Fringe
Churn Blank Face
Churn Shane's Grief
Churn The Arms are coming
Churn Shane imagination
Churn Shane's Depression

Lucid has been nursing a broken heart since the beginning of mankind. He's ready to speak out and set the record straight. Two of the world's oldest figures come alive to tell the story of a love affair gone bad. Once the truth is out whose side will you be on?

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Follow the thought process and brilliant mind of Jason Homes as he tries to makes sense of life's grey areas,contradictions, and blurred lines. An exploration of personal truth, a revelation that leads to a life changing event.

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